When you go for attending the freediving course Philippines, or you read about how they do this training, then you will come to know that before finally learning the freediving, you have to do prior preparation. This will help you, just like the freediving course in the Philippines, in going through each step-in easy way and also will make the whole process simple for you as a newcomer. Let us know what preparations have to be made in this regard.

Breathing Training

Well, berating is the most important part of freediving because it is the only surviving source for you when you dive into the water. So, before even getting formal training at your institution, you must get some basic berating training. The breathing taring that you must take in advance will include the following parts:

1.   The breathing has to be done in the sequences in which first you will breathe out before you dive in.

2.   After this, the last breath comes in which requires you to breathe out and then again quickly breathe in before entering the water.

3.   As you enter, the after breathing include the small exhalation from your month.

Equipment Arrangement

The equipment that you will need during the freediving training includes many things, but those that are most important and without which you won’t be able to get the training is mentioned in the section below. These include the following list:

1.       Among the freediving equipment, the first thing includes the things that you wear on your face. It includes the nose covering, the lenses you need to wear on the eyes, and a complete mask that will cover your whole face.

2.       Snorkels is another important thing that you should carry with you. The snorkels include the mouthpiece for you, the pipe that will also fit in your mouth, a floatation device. These are all made with silicon and that are the best ones, So, you should also buy those made with silicon.

3.       If you want to do freediving at the initial stage with some help, then get the fins for yourself. There are bi-fins and monofin, and you can choose between these depending on your needs.


The freediving courses taught in any part of the world have the main purpose of helping you learn this skill, but for what they need you to join them well-prepared. We have shared this information with you so that you may know how to proceed from day one. It is surely going to be very helpful for you in the long run when you actually get there to have the training.