There are many games that people usually play in their leisure time but the game new pool cues also known as billiards is one of the best and most played game in the era. This game is basically played on a table where six pockets are created you need to pocket the cue balls to end the game. Each ball contains different points you need to finish the fame with highest numbers. This game is now available in different versions some of them consist of eight balls or others include nine balls. The pool game is nearly and same like snooker but the size of the table is smaller in it.

The first equipment that is required to play the pool cue game is to have cue as there is no possibility of playing this game without having cue. Before the cue was being used for this game mace is used in pool cue game. This mace is similar to golf club and this will gradually shaped itself into cue game.

The first piece of equipment and other important factors to consider

The cue is most important tool that is used in the game and you need to select the cue first before you have decided to play the game. There are many varieties available in the market that is different due to pricing factor. Most of the cues are available for different players according to their level of player. The price range is different according to your selection of cue. One thing that you want to consider before you have made decision about first piece of equipment in your game is the weight of the cue because you must purchase that cue which is lightweight and suits you. If you have selected heavy tool for playing your game then it will be difficult for you to play with it.

Do not purchase too much light cue or too much heavy cue for your pool cue game. Also you need to consider the length of the cue too much long or too much short cue can create problems while you are playing game against other players. Just try to purchase that cue which can easily handle and comfortable for you. The cue is also depends on the player or the level of the player because there is no best or worst cue the whole thing depends upon the player.