The kids micro scooter has become one of the most fashionable scooters for all kids. Today these are available in a variety of colours. The features of the models also differ, giving you plenty of choices when you shop for one. The purple 3-wheel Maxi Kick Scooter is Swiss developed and designed for children ages 6 to 10. The scooter comes with a lean and steers mechanism. This feature gives the feeling that one is surfing while on the scooter.

Micro Kickboard Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe Plus review: A scooter for ...

The scooter’s design makes it lightweight, but at the same, it is strong enough to be used every day. The scooter is only 5 lbs, so even kids will be able to carry it without trouble. The steering bar is extendable. It is two feet above the deck but can go up to 36 inches. It means this mini micro scooter will last for years, making it a cost-effective purchase. The scooter will also sit up when it is set down. This makes hopping off and on simple.

Learning skating in a whole different way:

  • Actually, inline skates are the same boot with wheels people call rollerblades or roller skates. Inline skating is the most common skating or roller skating activity. Some people call inline skating recreational skating or fitness skating because of the benefits it offers. Inline is synonymous with roller skating or rollerblading. It is called inline skating because you use inline skates.
  • The most important thing to consider in inline is the inline skate that you will use. While the normal and most basic design of inline skates is a boot with four to five wheels at the bottom, some improvements or variation is necessary in any of the above disciplines.
  • While the heel stop or the toe stop is necessary for recreational and fitness skating, inline speed skating and even for slalom skating may not need these stopping options.
  • Heel stop may cause a skater to trip in cases of speed or slalom skating. However, if you are yet a beginner you will need either a heel stop or toe stop. You surely do not want to crash to mirrored walls or to street post while inline skating.
  • If you want inline skating and you are yet starting, aside from the need to have heel stop or toe stop, you also need to use safety gears like helmet, wrist guard, and knee and elbow pads. Therefore, kids micro scooter is the best ride to buy and to always make them happy.