The Best outdoor Adventures Melbourne

If you want to enjoy an adrenaline rush you need to get out and discover the different outdoor adventures Melbourne. From the forward abseiling off on a seven-story building to watching the little penguins as they waddle up the sandy beach to the Dandenongs high adventure, the Melbourne has best experiences keeping you busy.

Trees Adventure

The Dandenong Rangers offer the perfect treetop adventures Melbourne with the ropes course that sees you soaring up the canopy. It has carabiner ready for you to tackle the series of different aerial challenges from its two short courses and the seven long courses to choose from, hence having no shortage of daily fun. From the tightropes to flying foxes, verticals and tunnels challenge the tree adventure leaves you feeling relaxed and top of the world.

The Penguin Parade

The Philip Islands is famous for the Penguin Parade and the best place for taking waddle. It’s the only commercial location globally that you get to see penguins comfortably in their natural locales. Take a seat and watch them as they majestically wobble up the Summerland Beach during the sunsets. Choose between the Penguins plus tiered seating or general viewing bleachers or you can watch the penguin at the underground level using the underground viewing area.

Hot Air Balloon

Float up and away in a stunning comfort of hot air balloon and see the whole of Melbourne in a new perspective way. The uplifting experience usually starts at dawn giving you an opportunity to enjoy the sunrise as you swiftly drift over the stunning city. See the Eureka Tower, Melbourne Cricket Ground and Port Phillip Bay from the comfort of your basket. The basket can comfortably accommodate more than ten people and once you embark you will receive a buffet breakfast that includes the champagne at the part of Pullman Melbourne.

Explore the Open Range Zoo of Werribee

Embark on an exciting off-road safari at the Werribee which is only 30 minutes from the city of Melbourne and encounter the African rhinos, zebras, giraffes, antelopes and various wild animals while traversing the open zoo savannah.

Skydiving Melbourne

Skydiving from the 15,000-foot leap needs courage and faith and its best for keeping your adrenaline pumping high. The tick tandem skydiving offers the perfect outdoor adventures Melbourne, and it’s the only beach skydive. It gives you an opportunity to freefall over St Kilda for at least 60 seconds of thrilling experience of 200 kilometres.

The beauty of outdoor adventures is that they give you the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and other sites around the area.